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Our expertise in manufacturing classic designs will enable you to put your indoors outdoors and to be comfortable in the wild, in a field, in the garden, on a campsite or wherever your adventures take you.
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Just to let you know that our 5000-tribe continues to turn heads wherever we pitch up. We use the 5000-tribe when we play the festivals...it really stands out from the crowd.

Spike, Cosmic Cat

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  • Dan Snow Has Got Soul!

    October 24, 2015 00:00

    When legendary Historian, TV Presenter, Writer and father of two; Dan Snow heads out to hit the festival scene, his choice of SoulPad is the SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G.

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  • Chris Packham Has Got Soul!

    October 12, 2015 00:00

    You've just got to love Chris' reaction to receiving his brand new SoulPad 4000-hybrid-G. Who'd have thought that before receiving his SoulPad Chris wasn't that into the idea...

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  • Hannah Louise Marsh So exited, ordered our Soulpad 4000 Ease today!!!!
  • SoulPad It's hard work trying out these new, ever-so-comfy chairs and whatnot... http://ow.ly/4neSVi
  • 13087795_10153337980285666_7090799400979797972_n SoulPad We're hurtling towards the weekend and it's an extra long one..hurrah! What are your plans? how about treating yourself to a couple of nights away in a beautiful beautiful SoulPad over at Riddlesworth Park?
  • 13043605_10153336972495666_6170654075564138204_n SoulPad We're not showing off but, there really are some lovely kind words about SoulPad here http://soulpad.co.uk/testimonials :)
  • 13077031_10153334317245666_6403650099996712109_n SoulPad This cute, little 3000-hybrid™ is available to view now at Cotswold Outdoor Bridgemere, Cheshire, ahead of their tent show 30 Apr - 30 May 2016. http://ow.ly/4n3jGX
  • SoulPad Is yours a new glamping start-up that would benefit from exposure on TV? Clicky-clicky to find out more: http://ow.ly/4mYvCc
  • SoulPad If you are in Norfolk this weekend, Hainford Woods are well worth a visit. These ancient Bluebell woods will be open to the public for the first time in centuries. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/ancient_bluebell_woodlands_at_hainford_to_open_to_
  • 13082650_10153329562390666_2905265766928567845_n SoulPad Fri-Yay! Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.
  • 13083203_995997097148684_7840575153445794423_n SoulPad Here's a handsome offer from our partner campsite; Riddlesworth Park. Less than a mile from our Norfolk showroom. The ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.
  • SoulPad This post about what hiking and nature does to the brain is a very good read, thanks for sharing @CampWithStyle http://bit.ly/1NyT2IY
  • SoulPad Like Bargains? Of course you do! We've added more items to UK clearance today: https://soulpad.co.uk/sale
  • SoulPad Are you thinking about buying a SoulPad? Not only are our tents exceptional quality, but we take our after sales service super seriously. As a valued customer you will soon become aware that our relationship with you is long term. We take a genuine pride
  • SoulPad It might be a year old but we still LOVE this video featuring a SoulPad standing mightily on the shoreline :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64ZNST28deg
  • 12990837_10153313256050666_4423001739255041537_n SoulPad Want to see a lovely SoulPad in real life? Check out http://soulpad.co.uk/news/soulpads-on-display and more at http://soulpad.co.uk/offers
  • SoulPad Look! A Pod of Pads! A great option for groups...
  • SoulPad We've added Hidden Valley Camping to our offers and affiliates page, check it out at http://soulpad.co.uk/offers
  • 12998519_10153309854790666_7534872862515122962_n SoulPad What could be cosier that a wood burning stove in your tent? To check out 'the blaze' and other SoulPad accessories, point your eyes at http://soulpad.co.uk/products/blaze-1
  • 12987038_10153304914325666_4567350526073204380_n SoulPad We're hurtling through April and into the start of the camping season, now is the perfect time to check you have all the pegs and ropes you need. Need spares? No problem, head on over to http://soulpad.co.uk/t/categories/spares
  • Nicki Muscott OMG !! OMG !! My Soulpad 5000 hybrid tent has just been delivered !! Can't wait to use it !! ??????????????
  • 12974347_10153296756005666_8567175739818085294_n SoulPad Today, we would like to be lounging around in this http://soulpad.co.uk/products/ultralite-hammock-xl
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  • @Mark_Bullock_ hope it kept you nice and warm... Sunny days will be headed our way soon! April 30, 2016 02:52
  • RT @Mark_Bullock_: @soulpad 'twas chilly last night, so we pushed the boat out and installed the stove! ???????????????? https://t.co/SRcgGeCBzw April 30, 2016 02:51
  • @DavidMillward wowsers, now that's a good sunrise to wake up to! ???? April 30, 2016 02:50
  • RT @CampHappyValley: Just found out we're part of a Norfolk Wildlife Trust Site here at Happy Valley #notsurprised #bootifulnorfolk #specia… April 29, 2016 18:36
  • It's hard work trying out these new, ever-so-comfy chairs and whatnot... https://t.co/9F45W0cU9K April 29, 2016 10:50
  • Terrific offer for last minute #glamping - https://t.co/4IDHovKiRO April 28, 2016 07:44
  • .@CotswoldMaidstn Fantastic to hear you're involved with the KM Charity Walk. A great event & really good causes. https://t.co/4si8zNpypj April 28, 2016 06:10
  • Anyone? Anyone? @frankiemulvey? https://t.co/0Wicel2UES April 27, 2016 14:36
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