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Welcome Isobel!

April 28, 2015 20:00


Allow us to introduce you to a new member of the SoulPad team; Isobel Finbow.
Isobel joins us as Admin Manager and brings with her a wealth of experience.

Isobel says "I've been a SoulPad customer for many years now and have always enjoyed exceptional customer service from SoulPad. I'm looking forward to building on that already well established great reputation."

Isobel enjoys setting up her SoulPad for nieces and nephews to use as a play tent in the summer.P1000366

We wish you lots of success with SoulPad Isobel!

Isobel began her relationship with SoulPad as a customer. Here we ask her some pertinent questions about her camping experiences...

What do you like best about camping?

"The normal cliches really, Camping gets you away from all the ever-increasing 'stuff' that seems to surround us these days.  It is lovely to immerse ourselves in the simple things. The biggest decisions to make are what shall we do today? And what shall we eat? Bliss!! The family all really enjoy it and it seems to work as well as the children get older too. Before we know it they will be wanting to borrow it and we will not be invited! The pace slows down and we do laugh a lot! Being able to take our dog, Connie with us too. She loves camping! She is the nosy neighbour. Her favourite thing is to poke her head out of the SoulPad and just lie there observing the neighbours and hoping a sausage may come her way from the BBQ! Everyone mucks in which is great."

What first got you into camping?

"Duke of Edinburgh at school does not count! It always rained in North Wales. It put me off for many years! It was Chris Evans first Children in Need C4R-FEST! Our first ever festival that got us back into camping. So we are relative 'newbies'. We managed to get tickets for the first one and loved it. We had a very basic, blue nylon tent which was just fine.... until I had tent envy and saw a SoulPad with bunting and loved it. I vowed if we managed to get tickets for the following year we would invest in a SoulPad and we did! We did our research and felt that a SoulPad was for us and could not believe the showroom was only 6 miles from home! One of the areas best kept secrets! We were complete amateurs and would now describe ourselves as enthusiastic amateurs. So it was C4R-FEST and really the stay-cation to save money but still get away as a family, and having a young dog that we did not want to leave in kennels who was part of the family.  It is thanks to Connie we have explored the UK more. We have not looked back."

Which SoulPad model do you use and why?

"We have a SoulPad 5000-hybrid. We had the dilemma most have - do we need a 4metre or a 5metre SoulPad? I thought we would be fine with a 4metre but I was very glad the boys felt that we needed the 5 metre.  The space is a real luxury and we have never had any problems with regard to being questioned about the size of the tent by campsites. Saying that we do choose very rural locations. In the three years since we have had our SoulPad we have grown into it! With 2 teenagers the extra metre is beneficial! We have also taken the SoulPad to my parents and pitched it on the farm and my nieces and nephew love it. We roll the sides up and it is a different adventure everyday! A princess castle one day, arts and craft tent another day, a reading den or somewhere for granny to have a snooze! It keeps the house tidy too. We have gradually added bits to it. A demi inner, coir matting which I love and a delightful Feuerhand red lantern which I adore and is used a lot at home too. People always comment on it. It is fatal working here at SoulPad HQ now as I still feel like a customer hard to believe I am working here and feel very fortunate and my wish list is getting longer..."


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  • ???????? All the varied weather we’re having at the moment is making for some terrific #rainbows. .
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  • We had such a good time meeting you all at the @eastangliangamefair last year, we want to do it all again!
We’re looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and new ones too! For more info visit the blog. Link in our bio.
  • A new season calls for new and exciting camping accessories! Come visit us at our showroom or online! Link in our bio.
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  • Could spring be on its way? We think so! Happy sunny Sunday all! #earlyspringflowers #morningsun #morningwalks #soulpad #chillysbottle #soulpadlogo #soulpadproducts #enjoyingtheoutdoors #springisintheair
  • Gorgeous winter sun shining through the forest walks behind our Norfolk Showroom. Remember your walking boots when visiting us! 
Photo credit: @ifinbow 
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  • It’s great to see a winter SoulPad erection!  #wintertent  #snowydays  #soulpad  #belltent  #gardentent  #soulpadders  #regramming
  • Keep the logs piled high and stay warm folks...snow has finally arrived in Norfolk!  #winterfun #staywarm #snowishere #winteradventures #logpile #firewoodstack #norfolk #soulpad
  • Here’s Ozzie enjoying the new Tweed Dog Travel Bed in the showroom today!
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