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Winter Storage

September 16, 2014 20:00

For most of us, now is the time to ensure your SoulPad is dirt-free, water resistant and fully dried out before storing it away for the colder months. Here are our top tips on the matter: -

1. Act now!

Don't put of dealing with those red wine/hot dog mustard/squashed spider stains unill next year. A small problem now can become a much bigger one if stored and allowed to fester over the Autumn/Winter.

Remove what you can with a soft brush or cloth.

Remove any residues with a specialist canvas tent cleaner (anything else can be too abrasive).

Re-proof any areas that you spot clean with Fabsil to keep it water resistant. This product will also keep any ambient moisture at bay during storage, preventing mildew formation.

If you know your SoulPad needs re-proofing, better to do it this side of a long time in storage. This gives your SoulPad a much higher resistance to water, both direct and ambient - essential when it's in storage and you're not likely to be moving it or checking it over so frequently.

Be sure that all of the components are stored dry. 

2. Store Carefully!

We fondly recall a customer of ours who stored their rental stock in a dry, wooden barn. Perfect! Wrong. The squirrels loved it! They moved in, nested in the canvas bags, stored acorns and had a very memorable Christmas indeed. Sadly, at the expense of their entire rental stock.

Make sure the storage area is in-penetrable to rodents. Spiders and other insects can be pretty destructive towards canvas too!

Make sure your storage area is dry and temperate. We all know that we must dry our SoulPads out completely before storing, but if the storage area is damp the canvas in your SoulPad will act like the proverbial sponge. If your SoulPad becomes damp, mildew is likely to form. Mildew is the enemy.

Your SoulPad can withstand extremes of temperature, but often with that comes varying levels of condensation and moisture. Better to have it stored in a temperate environment if possible.

Beware of storing your SoulPad against a wall in a wooden shed. Better to store it in the centre where it can not attract moisture. Shed walls are often made from overlapping sections. Over time these sections can warp with a weight against them and allow water into the shed, via your SoulPad.

In most houses, the cupboard under the stairs is ideal.

3. Check on it!

Make a point of checking on your SoulPad once in a while when it is in storage. This way you can resolve any issues before any damage is done.

Following the hibernation period, come the Spring (for most of us) it's a good idea to check your SoulPad over with a full pitching ahead of any planned trips. There's nothing worse than camping in a Squirrel-wee-stained SoulPad (we're told) when you could've had it professionally cleaned and re-treated ahead of the trip.

4. Relax!

Take good care of your SoulPad and it will take good care of you, for many years to come.


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