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Do SoulPadders have problems finding pitches big enough?


Sometimes, our frequently asked questions are simply better answered by fellow SoulPadders. The thread below (from Facebook 06 Aug 2013) answers this question directly from those already out there using their SoulPad in the field:

A question from fellow SoulPadder Angela Sowden: "5m SoulPad owners - do you have problems finding pitches
big enough?" 

  • SoulPad 
    We're thinking...when you book at the campsite and say you're bringing a 5m Bell tent, most know what that is and so there aren't any surprises when you get there. xOMx
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  • SoulPad 
    At SoulPad we tend to go to campsites that don't define pitch areas, allow open fires...are very relaxed with the rules etc, so we never have any issues. But this is a common question and we'd love to have your feedback. 
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  • Angela Sowden 
    Thanks everyone   (this will help my campaign for a 5m tent rather than a 4m!   ) 
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  • Rob Bakewell 
    Not so far. A quick call to check and so far the sites we've been to have been quite happy. Definitely needs enough space for all the visitors from the 'normal' tents who come over to have a look   
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  • SoulPad 
    Thanks for your comments everyone. xOMx 
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  • Kirsten Richards 
    Yeah we go for relaxed campsites with large fields and no defined areas. The only space issue we have is if we have to put it away wet, our garden isn't big enough to put it up to dry it out! Ha. 
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  • Stephen Stubbs 
    have our own 7 acres of woodland, so no 
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  • Rachael Wall 
    We have never had a problem, mostly we let the campsite know before hand....everywhere we have camped they have just loved our SoulPad   
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  • Tim Collins 
    I would guess a pitch is what we call a campsite in the US? If so then I run into that problem all the time. We have had as much as 2-3 feet (a meter) of our SoulPad hanging off of the designated area. 
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  • Stephen Davis 
    I've got a 4M Soulpad, but the pitch I was on last year was ample, it took the tent and my car with room left over. So a 5M would be fine in my opinion. 
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  • Jamie Yates 
    No problems, if you look at most of the family modern tents on most sites, they are way bigger. 
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  • Kate Southerland 
    Good campsites will offer you large pitches for your 5m soulpad. 
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  • Cathy Perry 
    No never had a problem. 
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  • Phil Windley 
    Come to St. Tinney Farm, you and your 5m Soulpads are most welcome
    Self Catering Accommodation, Cornwall - St. Tinney Farm Country and Coarse Fishing Holidays
    Four star self catering lodge accommodation and camping facilities on beautiful ...See More
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  • Mark James Gill 
    Go for a 5m! When I was choosing I used pythagoras to work out how much space I would have to walk around in the 5m compared with the 4m and it was loads more. And as people say, choose cool campsites that charge per person rather than tent, don't allow caravans and let you have campfires so you can install the stove at a later date. Inwood camping and forgewood are amazing. Camping ina field or in the woods - plenty of big enough areas for several bell tents and we have a 4.5m event shelter to boot. Never had a problem! 
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  • Beverley Berney 
    Just back from the lake district (Natland Park Farm) where I had checked with the site that their pitches were big enough not only for our 5m soulpad but also our 2m canopy, people carrier & 2x3m drive away motorhome awning - cost for family of 5 in above with 16a electric hook up £14 a night! The showers do cost a mighty 20p and are in a converted chicken shed so very rustic along with the modern 8kg load washer & dryer which are free to use. 
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  • Gae Matthews 
    We have only used our tent twice so far. Had it for 3 weeks. No problems so far with our 5 metre Soulpad. First campsite asked the size and fitted us in, 2nd time was Womad. We love it! No regrets. 
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  • Krissie Morriss 
    We've never had a problem but again we tend to go to places with no planned areas and can then enjoy the camp fires and chilled out atmosphere!
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  • D'vorah Bint Da'ud 
    Only if you go to those KOA and other campsites that have planted actual shrubberies to keep you from interacting with your neighbors while camping. Those areas are pretty small. A nice open field, or a plateau that you don't have to share, would be perfect. I tend to camp with historical reenactors, so we book really large fields with wide open spaces.
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  • Tom Colbridge 
    I only camp for free as I dont want to camp with everyone I dont know haha so always find a nice quiet spot, happy days 
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  • Kevin Nisbet 
    As others have said I always send the dimensions of our tent with my booking enquiry so they know what they are getting. I've done it with all my tents in the past
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  • Kevin Nisbet 
    Nope never had a problem but then we have only been once
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  • Janice Benyi 
    Come to glamping Hungary we can give you all you need
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  • Marcus Tullis 
    In the States, federal campsites tend to have smaller sites than private campsites or state parks. We have had some close calls insofar as encroaching on a neighboring site with our guide lines, but as of yet, it's been only "close."

    It can't hurt to call ahead and confirm that the sites are adequate for entertaining a 5m Bell/Sibley tent. It's Stateside that is the issue. We Americans absolutely REFUSE to go metric (me included - I like English Standard and American Standard Measurements), so not too many folks on this side of the Atlantic pond understand the room required for this behemoth. (Still, that's never curbed our hunger for beautiful and interesting camp sites.)

    A 5m Bell tent affords approx 211.25 square feet (as far as we Americans are concerned.) This should be the equivalent of 19.635 square meters [metres].
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  • Rosaleen Carter 
    Not at all.
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  • Nanette Whittle 
    Nev had a problem.
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  • Jade Tynan 
    No never. We always go for ones that don't have a certain size of your pitch. There are lots about. Working farms are good 
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  • Marty Clark 
    Recently experimented with the wooden poles from a wind break as tent pegs, removing a meter of guy line on each side...
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  • Vicky Branston 
    We've just got back from a weekend away where the pitches were supposedly 7m x 4.5m and the only reason we were allowed to book & pitch there was because our friends had a much smaller tent right next door (the sites fire regulations apparently!). In reality the pitches were much bigger than that. We usually avoid the more commercial campsites (like that one!) in favour of ones that let you have open fires and pitch where you like 
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  • Jacqueline Weber 
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  • Andrea Monaghan 
    No, never.
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  • Christopher Gardner 
    I have never had a problem and seem to recall the standard pitch is 9m x 5m. Additional charges have sometimes been made for my cooking tarp but the campsites I have stopped at seem more interested in number of people staying, electric and any additional tents rather than footprint. Size doesn't matter is my experience 
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  • Kirsten Steele 
    We've never had any issues although we have once been asked for a large tent supplement. I think our foot print is much smaller than a lot of the 'family' tents I see around.
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  • Lee Kirby 
    Nope. We've booked a pitch for this weekend. My wife didn't check the size of the pitch before booking. When I called the site to check I was super chuffed to be told the pitches are all 11m x 11m! 

    That's at River Dart Country Park in Devon.
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  • Claire Scarlet Honey Peach 
    We've never had any issues with our 5m, unlike some of the tent monstrosities we have owned in the past.
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  • Ali Brewis 
    Nope - in fact our 5m bell is smaller than our other family tent. Some sites have started wanted to charge by tent size (small/large) rather than per tent or per head though
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  • Jan Evans 
    Festivals can be a problem wanting you to pay for 2 pitches which is really unfair
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  • Martin Smith 
    No never. Mainly get compliments on how cool the tent is actually....
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  • Kevin Ahern 
    My 5000 Tribe doesn't fit anywhere on my property because of all the gardens I've made. I've been sitting on this thing for 5-6 months. Finally putting it up this weekend at the family farm just to make sure everything is kosh for deer season.
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