Frontier is an outdoor wood burning stove perfect for use outside of your SoulPad around camp. An ideal alternative to a b-b-q or camp fire and far more efficient than both.

We particularly like this stove because it enables the user to comply with principle #5 of the Leave No Trace outdoor ethics whilst providing a stylish spot to cook up a meal!

Combine this with the Frontier Water Heater and you might as well have your forehead tattooed with 'delightfully smug'

The Frontier comes complete with 5 flue sections (each section is 410 mm) and further sections can be purchased if required.

The manufacturer tells us "the Frontier Stove was designed in partnership with the humanitarian community, and has been deployed and used in a number of disaster situations worldwide." So 'lightweight' and 'durable' would be top of the spec list here.

The first flue pipe pipe section contains the adjustable baffle. 

The flue pipe sections can be packed down and stored inside the stove when not in use.

The tripod legs can be collapsed and held in position underneath the stove when not in use.

The 'ash tray' to catch any (stray embers) is also removable.

There is a carry handle fixed to the stove for portability.

Item Details
Nominal Output tbc kw
Weight  tbc kg/lbs
Overall Dimensions (hxwxd) 241 x 55 x 83.5 cm
Flue Outlet diameter Ø 6cm
Door hinge left
Price: $270.00

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