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We offer stylish 100% cotton canvas and polycotton tents for the more discerning camper. A charming alternative to modern nylon. If you want more than just a shelter and are looking for a purer haven, we think we can give you just what you're looking for in a tent - SoulPad® tents.


The original SoulPad (also known as a Sibley or Bell tent) is a sturdy type of tent whose walls are held up by a single central pole. Guy ropes are connected around the top of the walls and tensioned to hold the pole upright and keep the SoulPad’s elegant shape. They have a generous floor plan like a tipi, yurt or lavvu.

A tried and tested 19th century design which has withstood the test of time.

Nowadays, the SoulPad range has increased to include other types of tents. All based on traditional designs, and all of which are made from either 100% cotton canvas (A natural and replenishable material) or a polycotton blend.

Each and every SoulPad tent is based on a traditional design, but improved by the use of modern day manufacturing techniques and materials. They are all unique and guaranteed to turn heads.  They have a beautiful form and their natural sandy colour creates a gentle vibe which always attracts the right kind of attention.

SoulPad designs are easy on the pocket too. At a fraction of the cost of yurts or lavvus yet with the same flavour and presence. SoulPads are far lighter, easier to transport and a breeze to put up.

…and You.
You enjoy watching the sun rise and set, open camp fires, kicking back and chilling out with friends. You understand the need for a luxurious retreat, a haven to escape to after a long days (or nights) play. You need to massage your soul once in a while, feed your spirit and revitalise in comfortable surroundings. Grass roots style.

SoulPads are festy-cool! They are the ultimate expression of individualism. Who wants to be like all the rest trapped in branded nylon? Cool cotton canvas reigns supreme. Cotton canvas has character. SoulPads are a blank canvas waiting to be personalised by each individual that owns one. Throw in some shaggy rugs, scatter a few cushions here and there (and any other squishy stuff you can lay your hands on). Furnish the interior with a coffee table, two or three airbeds with throws, a windchime and a moroccan lantern or two. Hang some bunting over the porch. Suddenly you have a stylised and inviting crash pad for your soul.

How will you use yours?

•    Camping trips?
•    Chilling in the garden?
•    Outdoor parties?
•    Children’s parties and story telling?
•    Festivals?
•    Beach/garden sun shade? 
•    Weddings?
•    Let us know!


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