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Some mildly interesting facts we have stumbled across:

The word canvas is derived from the Arabic word for cannabis. Hemp was popularly used to make canvas.

From tar + palling, from pall "heavy cloth covering"; probably so called because the canvas is sometimes coated in tar to make it waterproof.

The Soul.
The soul, according to many religious and philisophical traditions, is the self-aware essence unique to a particular living being. In these traditions the soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence of each living being, and to be the true basis for sapience. It is believed in many cultures and religions that the soul is the unification of one's sense of identity. Souls are usually (but not always) considered to be immortal and to exist before their incarnation in flesh.

As John Lennon once said "you don't take nothing with you but your soul" - from The "Ballad of John and Yoko" (May 1969). The song was banned by several US radio stations, due to the words "Christ" and "crucify" in Lennon's lyric, "Christ, you know it ain't easy, you know how hard it can be; The way things are going — they're gonna crucify me." - Our thanks to SoulPad customer John Napa for that "Well I Never" fact.

Sometimes tipis were painted to depict personal experiences, such as war or hunting. In the case of a dream or vision quests, “ceremonies and prayers were first offered, and then the dreamer recounted his dream to the priests and wise men of the community… Those known to be skilled painters were consulted, and the new design was made to fit anonymously within the traditional framework of [the tribe’s] painted tipis.”[1]


1. Goble, Paul (2007). Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters. USA: World Wisdom Books

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