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Are SoulPads Waterproof?

Canvas tents are not inherently waterproof and anyone who tells you so is probably just trying to sell you their tent.

SoulPads are treated with a waterproofing agent. So although the canvas itself is not waterproof, the agent will help the canvas to repel water.

Water on Canvas
Water 'beads' on the surface of the canvas after a very heavy rainstorm.

The effect of this treatment is to make water 'bead' on the surface of the canvas (see photo) and either run-off or evaporate. The effectiveness of this treatment varies on how long and how often the tent has been used, primarily due to factors such as UV radiation, water composition and canvas wear and tear.

It's also important to remember that cotton expands when wet, closing the gaps between the cotton fibres and working with the waterproofing treatment to keep the rain out - and the soul in.

SoulPad tents can withstand really heavy storms and are a very hardy shelter indeed. If erected and maintained properly, they will keep you dry for many many years.


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