Your Project

We at SoulPad Ltd love to get involved with all kinds of projects, be it a wedding in Yosemite or a Luxurious Retreat in Nevada. Whatever you have in mind for your SoulPad(s), we are happy to offer a full range of support to help you get started.

We particularly like to assist projects that are geared towards conservation, green living, alternative therapies and children's activities as these areas fit particularly well with our own company values and interests. However, we and Mr OM have considerably wide, open minds and like to consider all kinds of different ideas. Just let us know what you're planning and we'll see what we can come up with to help.


Dependant upon quantities and the intended use, SoulPads can be purchased at a discount. Each project is considered in isolation and awarded a discount based on its own merits. Once all of the possibilities have been discussed we are then able to consider offering you/your organisation a discount. We're a generous and trusting bunch, but in some instances we will need to see proof of your plans/organisation.

Free Advertising

Yes! Free! We offer free advertising on our website via our links page and, If you're willing, we may be interested in writing a feature (with images) on you/your organisation to appear in our Check Us Out or News section. For a short while these features also appear in our 'Latest' section on the home page. This is massive exposure and the type that could be very useful to a new business or venture. SoulPad customers are a numerous and varied bunch, so you're sure to find your target market right here in some shape or form, and they will subsequently be able to find you.

After Sales Service

We follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to service and our after sales service is second to none. We take a genuine pride in providing supreme after sales care. SoulPad will not leave you high and dry after you've made a purchase (no matter what the quantity). We are interested in servicing our sales for as long as it takes. As a valued customer you will soon become aware that our relationship with you is long term.


We understand our products better than anyone else. Any questions or assistance required will be dealt with efficiently and with good grace.


SoulPad stocks a wide range of spare parts for the SoulPad range. We carry a full range of spares to service our sales and if for some reason we don't have it, we can certainly get it!

So don't be shy! Get in touch, let us know what you're planning and give us the opportunity to see how we can help.

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