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Now then, we SoulPadders here at SoulPad HQ don't like to blow our own trumpets (much!), but we figured if folks are prepared to take the time to write in with praise, then we should at least acknowledge that praise by publishing some of it on the SoulPad website. So here's a sample, in no particular order. Our thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write so far. Please don't be offended if your message is not included, we didn't want to make this section too long (s'true!)

Burning Man feedback: "The Soul pad 3000 hybrid was utterly sturdy - I used 1/2" rebar stakes with a 1/4" pin on the top.  It was livable inside in high winds - not as noisy or disconcerting as a regular tent.  Dust did not get in - at all.  ( I am sure it permeates the canvas)  It was cooler inside than out in the heat of the day - I never dared unzip of course but used the windows for airflow. I set it up easily completely by myself - wish I could say the same of my campmates!

Great tent - thanks." - Victoria Reynolds.

SoulPad 5000-tribe: "It's great!  We love it!  Went up like a breeze.  I hope you get lot's of business from us because everyone in the campground who saw it had to stop and check it out.
Thanks so much!" - Nic

"Dudes - One SoulPad received this afternoon. Wickedness! Thanks for getting it to me it was very fast delivery across the open seas. Now I have something to write home about, and be the envy of the festival crowds.

Thanks again,

"Dear Lovely People,

Thank you so much for helping My Dear Lady Wife, Lucy get we a wondrous SoulPad. I put it up in the garden literally minutes after unwrapping it. One of the best Birthday presents ever! Even at 43! As a family, we look forward to taking our SoulPad to all sorts of different destinations.

Once again thank you for Kind attention and efficient service.

Kind Regards,

"Hi SoulPad,

The Tribe arrived today - fantastic service. We had it up in 15 minutes - it is huge, beyond our imagination! And it has a sewn in groundsheet which we had not picked up from blurb - excellent. Everyone is now very enthusiastic about going camping again this year - although it is going to be the maddest tent on most of the sites we go to! And to think we nearly bought a tentipi for three times as much!!!!

Thanks again,

"Dear SoulPad,

We just tried out our shiny new SoulPad 5000-lite on the weekend.  It was so easy to put up and take down, and we were able to have friends come and join us and chill out in it as it was so cosy and spacious.  It looked brilliant with big cushions and furry blankets, but the next thing on the list is some carpet and sheepskin for the final touches.  I was just writing to say thank you for putting the fun back into camping...its going to be used again next weekend!

Many thanks,

"Hi There,

 I just wanted to let you know that I received the tent today. Wow! 3 days from ordering it to it arriving at my front door - that was really fast! I can't wait to put it up. I'm going to e using it at the southern lights festival as I wanted something unique!! At least I will be able to find my tent in amongst the sea of horrible coloured plastic tents!

Thanks and regards,

"Dear all,

The SoulPad is great. We used it as our Medi tent at a tournament. Perfect! Very versatile too. Will use it on school camping trips etc as well as for family use! You did a fantastic job - thank you so much. I will sing the praises of SoulPad to all my Headmaster friends and encourage them to buy one for their schools!

Warm regards,

"Hey SoulPad!

Thank you so much for sorting me out! Got our tent on Friday and put it up at weekend. It is beautiful. We are all very happy and even husband approves! Going to try it out in Dorset in 3 weeks time and can't wait. Like you said, it was sooooo easy to put up and is just such a lovely relaxing place to be in (except when kids are running around it in circles screaming with excitement!).

Many thanks again,

"Let me say how pleased I am with both your prompt service, and the quality of the components!" - Jon

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for getting our new SoulPad to us so quickly. It arrived this morning in plenty of time for the Cropredy Festival next weekend. Sadly we don't have enough room in our back yard to get it out and play with it at home, so roll on next week when we can see it in all it's glory.

Thanks again,

"Thanks for a great service.

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