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To roll or not to roll...

...that is the frequently asked question: A SoulPad-lite or a SoulPad-ease? (No, we're not talking leafy roll-ups here!)

It's a common dilemma and can be a tough decision for some to make. Its similar to the dilemma faced if choosing to go for a soft top on your car. Do you let your heart or your head rule?

To help you decide (or, like Hamlet, to procrastinate further) we at SoulPad HQ have weighed it all up, mulled it over and even had the odd office argument in an effort to help illustrate the benefits of each model. Needless to say, we at SoulPad are divided on this one.

Your preference will depend largely on how you intend to use your SoulPad. We hope the information here will help with your decision. Do contact  the SoulPad offices though if you would like to discuss the options further. Meantime, join the debate and cast your vote on the SoulPad Facebook page!

Main Feature Difference
Can roll the walls up.
Can't roll the walls up.
Novelty Factor
For some the novelty of being able to roll the walls up wears off quickly, whilst others continue to do it come rain or shine.
If you're neighbour becomes tired of rolling the walls up and down on his SoulPad-lite, you're laughing and can approach him with a smug 'I told you so!'
Cool/Kudos Rating
High, very high!High, though some might say not as high as the SoulPad-lites.
Detached and ultra lightweight. If the groundsheet gets damaged SoulPad can replace it quite cheaply (see spares). No canvas material at the entrance threshold (an area which can become quite dirty).
Sewn-in, heavier, but more luxurious groundsheet. If the groundsheet gets damaged it would need to be repaired. Has canvas material at the entrance threshold which can become dirty.
Ease of Erection
Easy, but takes more time because the user must first peg out the groundsheet, then line up and peg out the fly.
Easier because the user need only peg out the groundsheet. The fly is attached so no lining up to be done.
Erection Results
Takes more time to achieve a good shape with this design. More room for user error. Some people erect perfectly from their first attempt, others may find they need more practise.
Takes less time to achieve a good shape with this design. Less room for user error. Almost fool proof!
Ease of Cleaning When ErectSimple. Just roll up the walls and sweep your Pad clean!
Dust pan and brush required! Still quite easy though.
More pegs with this design.
Less pegs with this design.
Great for festivals as this tent can be split up over several people to be carried on site. The packed weight is lighter than the SoulPad-ease, and the packed size is smaller too.
Great for festivals but would need to be carried on site on a sack barrow or similar. The packed weight is notably heavier than the SoulPad-lites and the packed size is larger too.
Young Families
Perfect (with the walls rolled up) for babies/toddlers who may need to take a nap on a hot day. Look out for escapees though when the walls are rolled up!
Some prefer the SoulPad-ease if they have a newborn and want to protect them from all possible micro drafts!
Older Families
Children will love the 'fun-factor' involved when rolling the walls up.
Children love and respond well to all SoulPads, even if the walls don't roll up.
Water Penetration
None, if erected and maintained correctly.
None, if erected and maintained correctly.
Wind Penetration
Should perform as well as the SoulPad-ease if erected correctly.
Should perform as well as the SoulPad-lite if erected correctly.
Garden Shade
Ideal, and since the groundsheet can be removed after the SoulPad-lite is erected, the user can even put in a paddling pool and/solar shower/other items that require ground drainage.
Good for garden shade, but not as well ventilated as the SoulPad-lite and therefore not always as cool on a hot day.
Should not be drafts if erected correctly. But there is certainly more scope for draft penetration.
Less drafts than the SoulPad-lites.
Winter Camping
Suitable if erected properly.
The SoulPad-ease is the preferred SoulPad for most winter campers.
Packing Up
If the groundsheet is dirty it can be packed separately and cleaned easily later.
An under-layer may be required to protect the groundsheet from dirt. Not so easy to pack away when dirty, and more difficult to clean later.
Less secure.
More secure.
Bugs & Other Critters
More easily penetrable.
Less easily penetrable.
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