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Lost your Mojo?

Here it is!

 Mojosurf Surf School Australia provides the Learn to Surf holiday experience of a lifetime, and now they have a SoulPad Village from which you can enjoy your stay. What's more, since they are an affiliate of SoulPads, they are soulfully offering all SoulPadders 10% off the rack rate when mentioning Soulpad.

ImageHow did it all begin? Well... three Aussie mates, Kim, Nat and Dan were born and bred on Australia's East Coast. They met in the waves and all shared the same dream, to enjoy a life of surfing and travel. Through passion and enthusiasm they turned a dream into reality with the creation of Aussie Surf Adventures (now Mojosurf). They now extend an invitation to you to experience the life of a travelling surfer. Join their fully guided mobile adventure and you will escape the crowds and explore remote beaches in search of good times and fun waves. Experience summer beach parties, make new friends, relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand while learning how to surf on pristine Australian beaches.

Chillin' in the SoulPad

Whether you are travelling north or just want to get away for a few days, Mojosurf offer an exciting adventure holiday experience.


Mojosurf offer a far superior product than that of their closest competitors. The fun you'll have is a reflection of the lifestyle that their staff lead, and it is their goal to let you live that lifestyle when you're with them. No matter your budget, timeframe, or experience they have a lifestyle product for you. The locations they surf are some of the most beautiful and pristine parts of the Australian coast line. Byron Bay, Spot X, and Crescent Head are all unique locations that can't be missed on the east coast.

Some of the residents

Everything at Mojo has the customer in mind. From reservation to catching your last wave of the trip you'll have experienced the highest level of service, its something that has always set Mojo apart from the rest.

  • Unlimited food
  • Excellent equipment
  • Luxury transport
  • Great accommodation
  • Awesome service
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