We SoulPadders here at SoulPad HQ don't like to blow our own trumpets (much!) but as you kind folks are prepared to take the time to write in with praise, then we should at least acknowledge it.

So here's a few samples. More reviews are available online here. Thanks to all who have taken the time to write so far.

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Crikey! What a magical tent, within its folds are wonders. Fling back a flap and you can see a starscape that seems to have been hidden by this quirky yurt. Such is the sense of mysticism and adventure that me and the missus are tempted to roam beyond the garden. But not without Chris Packham for ground support...

Russell Brand, Comedian, Actor,Radio Host, Author, & Activist

I just went through an F1 tornado less than a mile from my SoulPad with flying colors. I now have several friends wanting the SoulPads!

Lisa, SCA Member

I have a SoulPad that survived a tornado that hit our campground! Pretty impressive it stayed up when about 75% of the other several thousand in camp went down in the storm with 80+mph wind including one tent that went about 30 feet airborne with two occupants in it (they were fine thankfully just bumps and bruises).

Mike, hardy camper

We survived! We just got home from an event in Mississippi, USA where a storm hit pretty hard, they called it a microburst. There were tents down all around us but the SoulPads were still standing. Just a note to brag about your product and a 'thanks' for making it!

Sunday, keen camper

The SoulPad [4000-hybrid-G] was lovely and shady in the heat, other people were sweating in their smaller nylon tents! It's been up in the garden all summer. Kids love it. We might even risk a winter camping trip as the evenings close in....


Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! SO eXcItInG!!!! [My wife] has just spent years trying to coax me into a tent. I camp for work which at high altitude or in sodden rain forest isn’t, if I’m honest, always that much fun. So outside of that for a fairly camp bloke I rarely camp. I fear your tent might change that! Or lead to a ‘divorce’. It looks pretty retro which I like, I’m not a red nylon crawl into type of guy.


We purchased a SoulPad tent last month for use this month. First, delivery time was so fast I am sure you guys are jacking up the space time continuum. A dry run proved the ease of set up, it's really simple! The event we were using the tent for wound up being three straight days of rain. I am happy to say everything stayed dry. Not a single drop of rain found its way in anywhere. We're very happy with our "outside house", as our son calls it, and would recommend SoulPad for your camping needs.

Kerstin from Fayetteville, GA

My wife and I purchased our SoulPad in 2013, the 5000 Hybrid, and have had some wonderful adventures. I'm writing because of our latest experience, camping at Flipside 2015 during the record Memorial Day storms in Texas. We happened to be outside with friends during the first part of the storm and watched our Soulpad withstand a sustained 60mph wind, driven by a nearby tornado. Our tent shook like a violin string but held steady, while our brand new popup twisted and collapsed after only a few seconds. A few of us took shelter in the Soulpad during the heaviest rains lasting about two hours, very happy that no water entered the tent at any time. The nearby river flooded, and eventually we had to pack our Soulpad and head for higher ground. That night we slept in the back of a truck trailer to escape the rising floodwaters. Your product is amazing, a safe haven from the very worst Texas weather can bring. Many thanks to you and everyone involved with the design and manufacture of this amazing safe haven from Mother Nature. Sincerely, Mike

Mike, Flipside Festival-goer

I really am so impressed with the quality... You've put a smile on my face many times and more importantly you've given me such a reliable, comfortable and fun "home from home" to fill my young son's soul with the wonder of the great outdoors. Excellent.....just excellent.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. We visited your showroom in March full of questions, and spent the rest of our weekend lost in conversation about our camping adventures we had planned this summer and came back to order our SoulPad! We took delivery of our tent this week, and can’t wait to get it out and up in the garden!!

Sarah from Essex

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  • #glamping #belltent #soulpad 30+ sqm of #stretchtent for a #yoga class tomorrow. All done in under an hour with the 'help' of a few little ones who were keen to show their maths skills and sociable nature.

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  • #glamping #belltent #soulpad After the rain:
Check your bell tent for raindrops beading on the canvas like this. If the canvas is soaked or absorbing water then you should reproof it when dry. 
These raindrops look very pretty don’t they? ???? 
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